How to choose foam liquid - Chuan 'an fire protection to give you tips

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Foam extinguishing system is a extinguishing system in which foam extinguishing agent is mixed with water and air through mechanical action to produce foam extinguishing. Quanzhou foam liquid manufacturers complex, rich variety of foam liquid, so how to choose the right foam liquid, today we summarize the choice of foam liquid.

Foam density is far less than the density of oil products, so it can float on the surface of oil products, forming a continuous foam covering layer, in the cooling, choking, blocking action, through the following physical action to complete the fire. 1. Isolation effect: The foam covering layer formed by the fire extinguishing foam on the surface of the burner can isolate the surface of the burner from the air. 2. Cooling effect: The liquid precipitated from the foam has a cooling effect on the burning surface. 3. Asphyxiation: The water vapor produced by the hot evaporation of the foam has the effect of diluting the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone.

How to choose foam liquid? Firstly, it is the choice of water-soluble a, B, C liquid storage tank low-expansion foam solution. When using liquid on injection system, protein, fluorine protein, film-forming fluorine protein or aqueous film-forming foam solution should be selected. When using the subliquid injection system, fluoroprotein, film - forming fluoroprotein or water - forming foam should be used. When choosing the foam liquid made of water, its anti-burning level should not be lower than the grade C stipulated in GB 15308 of the current national standard "foam extinguishing agent". Selection of foam fluids for the protection of insoluble liquids - water spray system, foam gun system, foam gun system. When using inspiratory foam generation device, protein, fluoroprotein, aqueous film forming or membrane forming fluoroprotein foam solution should be selected. When using a non-aspirating jet device, water - forming membrane or membrane - forming fluoroprotein foam should be used. When hydroforming film and film-forming fluoroprotein foam are applied to the surface of combustion fluid of hydrocarbon, a protective film can be formed on the surface of combustion fluid. Its fire-extinguishing efficiency is not only related to foam performance, but also depends on its film-forming property and the toughness and firmness of protective film. Therefore, water-forming film and film-forming fluoroprotein foam are also applicable to non-inspiratory injection devices such as water nozzle, water gun and water cannon. Then it is the choice of foam liquid for medium expansion foam extinguishing system. The medium expansion foam extinguishing agent used for oil tanks should use special 8% fluoroprotein foam liquid. Medium expansion foam liquid or high expansion foam liquid can be used in other places except oil tanks.

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