What kinds of fire engines are there? Do you know all this?

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Pump fire truck: it is equipped with fire pump and other fire equipment and crew seat, so as to transport fire personnel to the fire site, directly fight and rescue with water source, and also can supply water to other fire fighting and spraying equipment in the fire site. Most of the domestic pump-fire trucks are modified with jeep chassis and BJ130 chassis, which are suitable for cities and towns with narrow roads and water sources.

Water tank fire truck: in addition to fire pump and equipment, the truck is also equipped with a larger capacity of water storage tank, water gun, water cannon, etc. Water and fire personnel can be transported to the fire site to independently fight the fire. It can also be used for direct fighting by drawing water from the water source or supplying water to other fire engines and fire sprinkler systems. In water shortage areas can also be used for water supply, water conveyance vehicles, suitable for fighting and rescuing general fires, is the public security fire brigade and enterprises full-time fire brigade standing fire vehicles.

Foam fire truck: it is mainly equipped with fire pump, water tank, foam liquid tank, foam mixing system, foam gun, gun and other fire fighting equipment. It can put out fire independently. It is especially suitable for fighting oil fires such as petroleum and its products, and can also supply water and foam mixture to fire sites. It is a necessary fire fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminals, airports and urban professional fire brigades.

High power foam fire truck: equipped with high power foam generator and fire pump system. It can rapidly spray a large amount of high-expansion air foam with foaming 400 ~ 1000 times, which can insulate the surface of the burning material from the air, play the role of suffocation and cooling, and can eliminate part of the smoke. It is suitable for fighting fires in closed or semi-closed buildings such as basements, warehouses and ships, with remarkable effect.

Carbon dioxide fire truck: the vehicle is equipped with carbon dioxide extinguisher high-pressure gas cylinder and its complete set of injection devices, and some are also equipped with fire pump. It is mainly used to put out fires with precious equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics, books and archives, etc. It can also put out fires with general materials.

Dry powder fire truck: it is mainly equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing agent tank, a complete set of dry powder spraying device, fire water pump and fire fighting equipment, etc. It mainly USES dry powder to put out fires of flammable and flammable liquid, flammable gas and electrified equipment, and can also put out fires of general substances. For large chemical pipeline fire, the extinguishing effect is especially remarkable. It is a regular fire truck for petrochemical enterprises.

Foam-dry fire truck: The vehicle's equipment and fire extinguishing agent is a combination of foam and dry fire truck, which can simultaneously spray different fire extinguishing agents or can be used separately. Applicable to put out flammable gas, flammable liquid, organic solvent and electrical equipment and general substances fire.

Airfield rescue pilot fire engine: this vehicle has very good maneuverability and is equipped with about 1000L light water foam. After getting the alarm of the plane crash, the car can drive to the crash site very quickly and spray light water foam to the fire place of the plane to stop the spread of heat, which won extremely precious time for the rescue of the airport fire truck.

Airport rescue fire truck: it is a kind of large chemical fire truck specially used for fighting and rescuing people on board plane crash fire. Its characteristics are that the vehicle is loaded with a large amount of water and a certain proportion of foam extinguishing agent and dry powder extinguishing agent, but also equipped with a variety of fire rescue equipment and demolition tools, the vehicle has good mobility and off-road performance, and can spray extinguishing agent on the road. This is a significant difference from ordinary fire trucks.

Fire engine of climbing platform: Hydraulic lifting platform is provided on the vehicle for fire fighters to fight and rescue high-rise buildings, tall facilities, oil tanks and other fires, rescue trapped people, and lift the high jet fire engine: it is equipped with folding, telescopic or combined boom, turntable and fire-extinguishing and spraying devices. Fire fighters can remotely operate a fire sprinkler on the top of the boom on the ground to spray the target in the air.

Ladder fire truck: the truck is equipped with telescopic ladder (with bucket turntable and fire extinguishing equipment, which can be used for fire fighting and rescue of trapped people when firemen climb up. It is suitable for fire fighting of high-rise buildings.

Communication command fire truck: the truck is equipped with radio, telephone, loudspeaker and other communication equipment. It is a special fire truck for fire site commanders to command fire fighting, rescue and communication.

Lighting fire truck: the vehicle is mainly equipped with power generation and lighting equipment (generators, fixed lifting lighting tower and mobile lamps) and communication equipment. To provide lighting for fire fighting and rescue work at night, and also to serve as temporary power supply for communication, broadcasting and publicity of the fire site, as well as for the operation of breaking and dismantling equipment.

Emergency rescue fire truck: it is equipped with various fire rescue equipment, special fire protection equipment, fire breaking and dismantling tools and fire source detectors. It is a special fire truck for emergency rescue tasks.

Survey fire truck: the truck is equipped with a survey cabinet, a survey box, a tool cabinet for breaking and dismantling. It is also equipped with gas, liquid, sound and other detectors and analytical instruments. It can also be equipped with radio, walkie-talkie, video recorder and on-off (off-road) TV as required by users. It is a kind of reconnaissance fire truck suitable for public security, judicial and fire control system special purpose. It is used for fire scene, criminal scene and other scene investigation, also apply to colleges and universities, factories and mining enterprises, scientific research departments and geological investigation and other units.

Smoke extraction fire truck: the truck is equipped with fans and air ducts for smoke extraction or forced ventilation in order to allow firefighters to enter the burning building for fire fighting and rescue work. It is especially suitable for fire fighting in underground buildings and warehouses.

Water supply fire truck: it is equipped with a large capacity water storage tank, but also equipped with a fire pump system, use it as a fire site water supply backup vehicles, especially suitable for dry areas. It also functions as a general water tank fire truck.

Liquid supply fire truck: the main equipment on the truck is foam tank and foam pump. It is a backup vehicle specially designed to transport supply foam liquid to the fire site.

Equipment fire truck: used for transporting all kinds of fire fighting equipment and fittings to the fire site, such as fire water suction pipe, fire hose, interface, breaking and dismantling tools, life-saving equipment, etc.

Ambulance fire truck: equipped with stretchers, oxygen breathing apparatus and other medical supplies, first-aid equipment, used to rescue and transport fire casualties.

Publicity fire truck: the vehicle is mainly equipped with video, video, audio and power generation equipment. It is a special fire truck for fire prevention publicity.

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