quick response sprinkler head

Product introduction

Adopt the glass ball imported from Germany kubo, high standard and high quality series sprinkler head.

Extended coverage sprinkler head is one of the key components in automatic sprinkler system, which is used to detect fire and control or extinguish fire by automatic sprinkler. When there is a fire in the protection zone and the ambient temperature reaches the rated operating temperature of the glass bulb sprinkler head, the glass bulb will break, the sealing assembly will fall off, and the sprinkler head will automatically start spraying water to extinguish the fire. It can be used in the protection area where the water supply pressure is not high, but the sprinkler area is required to be larger. It is widely used in the protection of warehouse, school, auditorium, club, factory building, hotel, hotel, hospital, office building and other light, medium and serious dangerous buildings where the sprinkler head is required to protect a larger area. The nominal operating temperature of sprinkler head should be greater than 30°C than the highest ambient temperature. Implementation standard: GB5135.12.

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