Foam fire extinguishing equipments and extinguishing agent

Alcohol Resistant Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent

Product Introduction

3%S/AR-10°C, 3%S/AR resistant to seawater -36°C), (6%S/AR-8°C, 6%S/AR resistant to seawater -36°C)

S/AR foam fire extinguishing agent is a kind of foam fire extinguishing agent containing special biopolymer. Biopolymer has two functions. One is that it can form a protective film between the water-soluble fuel and the foam to extinguish fire; the other is that its foam quality has better stability, heat resistance, and heat resistance than ordinary foam. Anti-burning performance, sealing performance; its general performance can simplify the rescue of unknown or mixed B fuel fires in the fire scene. It is often used in petrochemical storage tank farms, filling stations, docks, processing areas, warehouses and Class B fire places with fuel leakage; it can also be used as a wetting and penetrating agent to extinguish Class A fires.

Usage & Storage

This product should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, the storage temperature is not lower than the freezing point temperature plus 5°C, not higher than 45°C, and the product is valid for two years.

Do not mix with other fire extinguishing agents.

The packaging specifications of this product are 25Kg, 50Kg, 200Kg.

The company can also configure pharmaceutical products with special requirements for your organization.

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