Foam fire extinguishing equipments and extinguishing agent

Portable Foam Fire Extinguishing Device

Product Introduction

PY4/300(3%)   PY8/500(3%)

The portable foam fire extinguishing device is used to fight Class B fires and mixed fires of Class A and B; it can be used independently as fire protection equipment and can also cooperate with large fixed foam fire extinguishing systems for auxiliary fire fighting. It is mainly suitable for oil field tank farms and refineries, Petroleum and chemical enterprises, oil ports, hangars, warehouses, gas stations and other places. It has good maneuverability, flexibility and convenience, and can be combined with foam guns, foam generators, etc. to form low, medium, and high multiple foam fire extinguishing systems.

Working Principle

The portable foam fire extinguishing device adopts a negative pressure proportional mixer, which uses the Venturi principle to form a negative pressure at the outlet, and sucks the foam liquid from the storage tank into the proportional mixer through the suction pipe, and mixes with water to form a foam mixture. The fire is extinguished by connecting the water to the air foam gun, which generates foam.

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