Foam fire extinguishing equipments and extinguishing agent

Foam Gun


Product Introduction

The PQ foam gun (hereinafter referred to as the gun) is a portable fire-fighting foam gun that produces and sprays air foam to fight Class A, B, and C liquid fires or sprays water to fight general solid material fires.

Structure principle

The PQ bubble gun device is a kind of portable fire fighting equipment, made of corrosion-resistant materials. The tube socket of the bubble gun is connected with the hose interface, and the pressure water enters the gun body from the tube socket of the 65mm hose. A negative pressure is formed between the gun body and the nozzle through the variable-diameter shooting hole. When the mixed liquid passes through the nozzle, it immediately diffuses and atomizes, sucks in a large amount of air, mixes with the mixed liquid, and produces air bubbles, which pass through the gun body barrel. The dynamic balance produces a good bubble jet, so that the foam liquid covers the surface of the combustible material to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire.

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