Foam fire extinguishing equipments and extinguishing agent

Pressure Proportioning Tank- Vertical Type

Product Parameters:


This device is composed of pressure tank, bladder, proportional mixer, safety valve, exhaust valve, pressure gauge, one-way valve and various control valves and pipelines. Mainly used in industrial and mining businesses, papermaking, petroleum, chemical and underground garages and other places. A device that supplies pressure water from a pump, replaces the foam liquid in a certain proportion and mixes it with the pressure water to form a foam mixture. Because the bladder separates the foam liquid from the water, the foam liquid is not used up at one time, and can be used and mixed next time The accuracy is stable and reliable.

The device is suitable for large flow pressure range and small pressure loss. It has been widely used in various high, medium and low expansion foam fire extinguishing systems. The structure can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. There are two control modes: manual and electric.

Working principle: 

When the pressure water passes through the proportional mixer, a part of the pressure water (3%~6%) enters the foam liquid storage tank to squeeze the bladder, replacing the same amount of foam liquid and another part of water (P4%) ~P7%) is mixed into a foam mixture in a proportional mixer and supplied to the foam generating device to produce air foam for fire extinguishing.

Processed in 0.010180 Second.